19 Crimes The Uprising, 2017

The uprising. Each declared by his majesty to be punishable on conviction by transportation. Aged 30 days in rum barrels. The Uprising, a new wine aged for 30 days in rum barrels, pays homage to Australia's rum rebellion of 1808. Due to the Government's hindering of the rum trade, the rebellion was the only time a group of soldiers and citizens banded together to overthrow the Government. A portion of this hand-crafted wine has thus been aged for 30 days in rum barrels and is dark with jammy flavours and a smokey finish. 19Crimes.com. Download our Living Wine Labels AR App. (hashtag)talkingbottles. To learn more bout this and similar stories, please visit us at 19Crimes.com. Contact us with questions or comments at 888-544-3223. Alc. 15.0% by vol. South Eastern Australia.